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HAi-GEIA AiISD is a 3-in-1 Fomite Disinfection Tunnel-Type architecture. This architecture commonly seen in transportation areas such as airports/seaports for disinfection of passenger’s baggage before it enters any premises. It consists of Chemical Disinfectant Tunnel, Dry Air Sterilizer and UV Shower Tunnel all in just one (1) equipment to assure thorough disinfecting and sterilization of packages from any harmful viruses and microorganisms.

This Intelligent Disinfection Equipment can also be adopted by organizations in Supply Chain and Logistics field and those industries that handle high volumes of individual packages at their distribution centres.


  • 360 Degrees surface disinfection of packages or luggage in a matter of few seconds.
  • 99.9 % disinfection (Base on disinfection solution provider)
  • 3-in-1 Disinfection Chamber
    • Chemical Disinfection
    • Air Sterilizer
    • UV Light Sanitization
  • Built in camera to observe processes inside the tunnel
  • Compatibility with any disinfecting chemical
  • Customizable program depending on customer requirements
  • Compatible with Halal Certified Disinfection Solutions


User will position the luggage/packages on the conveyor belt. The conveyor belt will automatically move the object inside the disinfection machine on the standard speed set by the organization. The first process of the disinfection is the Chemical Sanitization with non-foaming solution towards the end of the first tunnel. This is possible through a self cleaning nozzle installed inside the equipment. Once the first process ends, the belt will move the object to the Air Tunnel to proceed with the next disinfection procedure. An Air Spray is augmented to the object to remove and dry the packages after the misting on first process. Air sterilizer is also put in place as to remove any unwanted particles on the surface of the object. The last process is the use of UV light which is covered in a flexible plastic curtains for the final disinfection of the packages.

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HAi-GEIA ARC is an Autonomous Disinfection Bot which is compact, portable and a highly intelligent floor cleaning BOT designed to reduce workforce cost while ensuring the high quality of cleaning and disinfecting on public transportation, particularly buses or trains.


AECR is a 2-in-1 Autonomous Elevator Sanitizing Bot which is equipped with two types of sanitization solutions assured 100% killing viruses and bacterias in the elevator or any enclosed areas.

HAi-GEIA Chamber 1.0 SE™

Swiss Ranks 1.0 SE is an Intelligent Sanitization Gate designed to disinfect the users’ whole body upon entering in any establishments.