Next Generation Laser Module that utilizes latest technology Laser for a faster scribing time with increased precision, and accuracy. This next-gen laser module can form extremely uniform periodic structures in nano- and microscale with a minimum amount of deficiencies in substrates.

Femtosecond Laser

Eliminate the material by using a femtosecond laser without heating the substrate.

Precise and Accurate Scribing

Précised and accurate scribing of 1 μm kerf rate without sacrificing speed.

Closed-Loop Feedback System

Ensures the quality of each scribe on the wafer.

Footprint Reduction

44% less footprint occupied when compared to conventional laser modules.

Easy Integration

Enables the customer to easily integrate Swiss Ranks New Laser Module to their current system.

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Swiss Ranks Microwave Curing Module is a high-performance tool that combines low-temperature curing, uniformed heating and extremely fast curing time to improve throughput and efficiency in the production of semiconductor substrates.


ULVTM eliminates the use of a bulky mainframes. It has a linear transfer mechanism solution under low to high vacuum conditions with an even greater level of precision and a more efficient way of wafer loading and unloading.


Swiss Ranks Adhesive less (Electrostatic) bonding module is an adhesive-free and stand-alone charging station that provides secured and easy handling as well as the processing of thin and ultra-thin epoxy/silicon substrates up to (50 um wafer size) over a number of days or weeks depending on the substrate.