ULTM – SK010
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Factory Interface

Eliminates the usage of bulky mainframes. Equipped with a Linear Transfer Mechanism to enable faster and more accurate transfer of wafer from one process to another.

Modular Factory

Interface is capable of interchanging different modules depending on the customer’s layout preference.

In-process Alignment

LCF (local centre finder) system coupled with Laser Displacement sensors allows for a more precise wafer positioning.

Robot System

High Accuracy, high repeatability Wafer Handler.

Other Products...


Janus™ is Swiss Ranks  next generation load port which has a highly intelligent and flexible features to deliver an optimum performance to our existing and future users. It was invented to give a seamless experience to users, level up their productivity and throughput and improve their current processes.

YS Series™

Swiss Ranks End effectors are designed for the handling of substrates- wafer and panels in specific applications according to customer requirements.


Swiss Ranks Microwave Curing Module is a high-performance tool that combines low-temperature curing, uniformed heating and extremely fast curing time to improve throughput and efficiency in the production of semiconductor substrates.