LPF-MF005 / LPC-SKF004

Loadport Module

Janus™ is Swiss Ranks next-generation load port which has highly intelligent and flexible features to deliver optimum performance to our existing and future users. It has a state of the art robot system that has an edge grip end effector and a linear track movement. To add on its smart features, this invention has an automatic levelling system which helps for one-time height and level adjustment.

Swiss Ranks Loadport was invented to give a seamless experience to users. It accommodates wafer diameters from 100-450 mm, Open Cassette to FOUP interchangeability with Foup/Cassette locking mechanism and presence sensing for ultimate safety standards. It also provides an ultra-clean performance by acquiring a Class A cleanliness free through our state of the art hardware invention. Swiss Ranks load port is highly customizable. It can either be standalone load port or multiple load ports into a single frame.

Class A cleanliness Free

With automatic and transparent cover door opening system to prevent the particle from entering for ultra-clean performance.

Safety Standard

Guaranteed safe loading with automatic sensors to assure the safety of both operators and wafers.

Plug & Play Feature

No complicated mounting needed with easy maintenance and installation.

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