HAi-GEIA AiBot – Greeting Robot

Due to pandemic situations, facilities and organizations currently faced with trying to keep interactions between the clients and employees at a minimum. The use of a face mask and other precautions helps, but modern technology allows some tasks to be performed entirely without human intervention. HAi-GEIA AiBot is a humanoid robot designed and developed by Swiss Ranks for human-robot interaction and autonomous navigation.

Aibot is typically designed to greet and attract people at stores, malls, and other consumer-facing businesses and, in real-time, answer their inquiries. Aibot welcome and engage people in a unique emotional way with attractive interactions. Aibot can turn its head by 180 degrees and scans people in its range using an ultrasonic module. If it finds anyone nearby, it greets the person and welcomes into the establishments.

* Provide the customers and guests a worldclass greeting and welcoming inside the establishment through a fully autonomous Ai Robot
* Display Advertisement on robots LCD screen

* Supports Electronic Broadcast
1. Safety Scanning Laser: The use of safety rated laser using SLAM
2. Low Front Laser: Integration of an autonomous obstacles sensor to detect low profile object in the forward direction
3. Bumper: Automatically stops the operation when it hits any type of obstacles.

1. Routing: Autonomous routing by localizing with Safety scanning laser based on environment mapping
2. Environment Mapping Method: Scan by walking the ACR through the environment, and upload the scanned data in the mobile planner

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Other Products...


AECR is a 2-in-1 Autonomous Elevator Sanitizing Bot which is equipped with two types of sanitization solutions assured 100% killing viruses and bacterias in the elevator or any enclosed areas.

HAi-GEIA Chamber 1.0 SE™

Swiss Ranks 1.0 SE is an Intelligent Sanitization Gate designed to disinfect the users’ whole body upon entering in any establishments.


HAi-GEIA ARC is an Autonomous Disinfection Bot which is compact, portable and a highly intelligent floor cleaning BOT designed to reduce workforce cost while ensuring the high quality of cleaning and disinfecting on public transportation, particularly buses or trains.