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HAi-GEIA ARC is an Autonomous Disinfection Bot which is compact, portable and a highly intelligent floor cleaning BOT designed to reduce workforce cost while ensuring the high quality of cleaning and disinfecting on public transportation, particularly buses or trains. The goal is to conduct a thorough cleaning on public transit, including under-seat cleaning to assure virus and bacteria free transport.

ARC can be deployed not just on public transportation but also in every establishment seeking an automated cleaning bot to clean and disinfect floors, seats and low-levelled areas.



  •  Long rechargeable battery life that last minimum of 90 minutes per operation.
  • High Intelligent Floor Cleaning Bot that resumes its operation where it stopped cleaning to recharge.
  • A floor cleaning bot with vacuum and mopping facility.
  • Easy set up and maintenance.
  • Autonomous Mobile Robot with Inbuilt Sensor for environment navigation and object detection.
  • Autonomous routing by localizing with safety scanning laser based on environment mapping.
  • Compatible with Halal Certified Disinfection Solutions
  • Integrated with 4-in-1 cleaning system such as:            
      • Strip Brush – Polypropylene medium strip brush to prevent large particles to enter inside the cleaner”.
      • Scrubber Pad – 12” Pad Polypropylene Bristles for thorough cleaning on floors such as Marbles, Granites and any hard type floors.
      • VACUUM SUCTION HOSE – MAX Vacuum Pressure -54 KPA. Uses vacuum to remove physical dirt debris.
      •  RUBBER SQUEEGEE –Installed rotatable squeegee which is used to remove stains on floor or under seat areas. It is also installed for Bot to work freely on narrow areas and corners.
      • Fully safe for floor surfaces such as carpets and wood floors.
      • Can be integrated in mobile application for easy access in any maintenance issues, scheduled      cleaning sessions, or to set up no-go zones via app.
      • Wet and dry mopping capabilities.


  1. Reduces human labour.
  2. Can be deployed in cleaning hazardous environment and biomedical wastes.
  3. Saves on labour cost and time.
  4. Better maintenance of cleanliness in operating room.
  5. Highly flexible. Can be used anytime and anywhere.


In the Automatic mode, the robot will perform all operations by itself.  Operations such as vacuum suction, mopping, and changing the path in case of hurdles or obstacles are performed automatically. Initially, the robot will be set in manual mode and fed with room’s overall dimension and path that it needs to follow on its whole operating process and cleaning operation. After setting this, the robot can be set in automatic mode of operation. When the robot starts, it moves forward and perform cleaning action. For obstacle detection and to avoid hurdles, a safety scanning and low front sensor will be used. If any hurdle has been detected, the robot will alter its pathway and continue with its work.

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▪ The warranty for the Tool Hardware shall remain valid for three (3) months from the date of Acceptance.
▪ If the Project or Tool is released to production, the Project or Tool will automatically be warranted.

Other Products...


Due to pandemic situations, facilities and organizations currently faced with trying to keep interactions between the clients and employees at a minimum. The use of a face mask and other precautions helps, but modern technology allows some tasks to be performed entirely without human intervention.HAi-GEIA AiBot is a humanoid robot designed and developed by Swiss Ranks for human-robot interaction and autonomous navigation.


HAi-GEIA AiISD is a 3-in-1 Fomite Disinfection Tunnel-Type architecture. This architecture is commonly seen in transportation areas such as airports/seaports for disinfection of passenger’s baggage before it enters any premises.

HAi-GEIA Chamber 1.0™

HAi-GEIA Chamber 1.0  is a contactless, high-end version of Swiss Ranks Auto Sanitization Gate. It comes with infrared temperature reader/scanner, height sensor for safe dispensing of disinfectant mist from shoulder down to shoe, and a lot more! With its sleek construction and design, HAi-GEIA Chamber 1.0 is highly recommended in private as well as the general public industry.