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HAi-GEIA AECR is a 2-in-1 Autonomous Elevator Sanitizing Bot which is equipped with two types of sanitization solutions assured 100% killing viruses and bacteria in the elevator or any enclosed areas. Aside from its in-built nozzles for chemical disinfectant sanitization and UV technology customized to kill the bacteria and viruses both airborne and on surfaces, Atlas is also powered by a Smart System Internet of things technology that is operated through a Mobile Application Software.

To ensure an overall safety, Atlas Bot activates its sterilization work during non-operating hours. ​


  •  2-in-1 Automated Sanitization Solutions (UV technology for walls and Ceiling, and Chemical Disinfection for Elevator buttons and railings)
  • Automatic Object Detection
  •  20000 hours UV lamp
  •  360 degree coverage inside elevator or any enclosed area
  • Intelligent Sensor Mechanism
  •  Plug and Play
  • Easy to operate and User Friendly
  • Green Technology
  • Compatible with Halal Certified Disinfection Solutions

Swiss Ranks runs AECR with a centralized system to monitor elevator status and send the signal to the BOT to run and proceed.
Step 1: Client will schedule the disinfection time of the elevator.
Step 2: Once AECR receive the signal that the elevator is disabled, the Bot will travel to the elevator and start the disinfection process.
Step 3: During the disinfection period, elevator doors are all closed and buttons are disabled to prevent any person to use it.
Step 4: Once AECR finished the disinfection, it will send a signal to AECR Software, and software will resume the operations of the elevators.

SwissRanks warrants that:
▪ All information, data and materials provided by it to the other will be to the best of its knowledge, accurate and complete.
▪ The warranty for the Tool Hardware shall remain valid for three (3) months from the date of Acceptance.
▪ If the Project or Tool is released to production, the Project or Tool will automatically be warranted.

Other Products...


Hai-GEIA Kiosk-3S PLUS is a touchless and Ai based personnel management kiosk which targets the Safety, Security and Sanitation of the public. It features High precision Temperature scanning, Contactless hand sanitization, security technology, and customized software programming in private sectors as well as Government offices.

HAi-GEIA Kiosk 3S-T™

HAi-GEIA -3ST is a touchless and Ai based management kiosk which focuses on face recognition, thermal verification, employees/visitors monitoring, crowd control technology highly applicable in private sectors as wells as government offices. Kiosk 3S-T has its own versatile application that would surely fits the need of every industry.

HAi-GEIA Chamber 1.0 SE™

Swiss Ranks 1.0 SE is an Intelligent Sanitization Gate designed to disinfect the users’ whole body upon entering in any establishments.