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HAi-GEIA Kiosk-3S PLUS is a touchless and Ai based personnel management kiosk which targets the Safety, Security and Sanitation of the public. This invention is designed for both private and government sectors to continuously monitor the movement and well being of their employees. This smart solution is integrated with a Non-Contact Automatic Thermal Body Scanner, Touchless Motion Hand Sanitizer Dispenser, crowd controlling technology and a user-friendly Ai Powered Software used for monitoring and to  enable establishments to comply with social distancing regulations and maintain maximum number of occupancy.  Kiosk – 3S PLUS is coupled with a Database System and Badge Reader to save the user data upon entry.

Kiosk 3S-PLUS can be deployed at any points of the entry to the areas with a higher likelihood of social interaction such shops, supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, restaurants and the likes.


  • Multilevel Identification Technology which can exists in the form of a Badge Reader, QR Code reader and Face Recognition System.
  • Sensor Enabled Hand Sanitizer
  • Performs high precision infrared (IR) Temperature Acquisition and Automated Registry Recorder.
  • Maintain maximum number of occupancies inside establishment
  • Advertisement Feed on the display.
  • Detect human face and automatically identify personnel without face mask and provide real-time warning.
  • Provision to integrate with existing security system. ​
  • Support Electronic Voice Broadcast​.
  • Indoor and Outdoor installation compatibility.
  • TUV, UL and CE compliant.
  • Compatible with Halal Certified Disinfection Solutions.


  •  Integration of the software technology to existing Kiosk of customer.
  • Automated Message sent to the user to inform about the vacant space inside the establishment and real time queue tracking through Kiosk Mobile App.
  • Remote Ordering and Inventory.
  • Product Screening.
  • WIFI Hotspot Capability.
  • Automate clients’ appointments through Hi-GEIA Kiosk-3S mobile application.
  • Information Database for monitoring and contact tracing.
  • Software Customizable upon customer requests.
  • Other optional Features needed by the customer.


  • Type Indoor Outdoor
  • Materials Aluminum Powder Coated / SUS 304 / SUS 316
  • Power Electrical Power: 1-Phase 230VAC 50Hz/60Hz 1A
  • Rated Power: 250W
  • Options Advanced Digital Display
  • Mask Recognition
  • Full Customization
  • Reporting Tools
  • LAN & Wi-Fi
    * Other options are available upon request


For New Users:                                                                                                                                        

Step 1:  Scan the QR Code shown on the screen to register.
Step 2:  Upon a successful scanning, users will be prompted to fill up the Registration Form.
Step 3: Fill in the details in the registration form to continue and click submit form.
Step 4:  QR Code will be sent automatically to the users email address to proceed.
Step 5:  Scan the generated QR Code to Kiosk’s reader to proceed with Identity Verification.
Step 6:  Once Facial identity is recognized and verified, Kiosk will identify users Thermal Body Temperature.
Step 7:  Once users body temperature is normal, Sensor-Enabled Hand Sanitizer will be activated and users can proceed to enter in the facility.
Step 8:  For any detected unusual body temperature, an Electronic Voice Broadcast will take place to alert the abnormal temperature or unidentified personnel.
Step 9:  Users with abnormal temperature/failed Identity Verification are not allowed to enter the facility.
Step 10: Data is logged and stored securely within the corporate’s database.

For Existing Users:
Step 1: Scan existing QR code to Kiosk’s reader to proceed with Identity Verification
Step 2: Once Facial identity is recognized and verified, Kiosk will identify users thermal body temperature
Step 3: Once users body temperature is normal, sensor-enabled hand sanitizer will be activated and users can  proceed to enter the facility
Step 4: For any detected unusual body temperature, an electronic voice broadcast will take place to alert about the abnormal temperature or unidentified personnel.
Step 5: Users with unusual body temperature/Failed identity verification are not allowed to enter the facility.

SwissRanks warrants that:
▪ All information, data and materials provided by it to the other will be to the best of its knowledge, accurate and complete.
▪ The warranty for the Tool Hardware shall remain valid for three (3) months from the date of Acceptance.
▪ If the Project or Tool is released to production, the Project or Tool will automatically be warranted.

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