WS2.0 – SSK008
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Wafer Sorter

Automated Wafer Bonder/Sorter is a stand-alone bridging platform module designed for use in the semiconductor manufacturing environment. The module is designed to handle 300 mm carrier and 150/200 mm wafer. It can align both carrier and wafer, track carrier usage and dock both wafer and carrier on its docking platform.

Wafer Pre-Aligner

Our wafer pre-aligner is equipped with an advanced scanning electronics capable of detecting transparent, semi-transparent and opaque objects without mechanical repositioning between different wafer sizes as well as the added feature of aligning square wafers.

Robot System

High Accuracy, high repeatability Wafer Handler.

Not Just Your Ordinary Bridging Tool

Wafer Bridge Tool

A stand-alone bridging platform module is designed to handle 300 mm carrier and 150/200 mm wafer.

Bonding Method

Allow the fabrication of smaller wafer sizes in conventional machines.

Fully Automated

Fully automated process flow and handling as an opposite to the conventional tool of manual handling.

Higher Accuracy & Throughput

Highly utilized movement of robot with single arm end effector to continuously operate at a fast pace.

Other Products...


Swiss Ranks Adhesive less (Electrostatic) bonding module is an adhesive-free and stand-alone charging station that provides secured and easy handling as well as the processing of thin and ultra-thin epoxy/silicon substrates up to (50 um wafer size) over a number of days or weeks depending on the substrate.


Swiss Ranks Void’s free Chamber is a next-generation chamber that provides a smart solution in eliminating voids and gas bubbles during dispensing.


Janus™ is Swiss Ranks  next generation load port which has a highly intelligent and flexible features to deliver an optimum performance to our existing and future users. It was invented to give a seamless experience to users, level up their productivity and throughput and improve their current processes.