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Voids Free Chamber

Swiss Ranks Void’s free Chamber is a next-generation chamber that provides a smart solution in eliminating voids and gas bubbles during dispensing. This tool has the capability of removing voids from low to high viscosity polymers. Multiple unique features are used in this chamber to remove voids effectively without affecting the substrate.

To achieve 100% voids free, this tool applies the mechanism of a controlled vacuum source and sonication. It has an array of sonicators installed inside the chamber and a medium to high vacuum range inside a vacuum chamber to remove any trapped air particles, voids and gas bubbles on epoxy to prevent any substrate failure in the future. It comprises of a controlled vacuum and only selected and controlled processes. This smart chamber is highly configurable depending on customer’s requirements.

Wafer Pre-Aligner

Our wafer pre-aligner is equipped with an advanced scanning electronics capable of detecting transparent, semi-transparent and opaque objects without mechanical repositioning between different wafer sizes as well as the added feature of aligning square wafers.

Robot System

High Accuracy, high repeatability Wafer Handler.

Other Products...

YS Series™

Swiss Ranks End effectors are designed for the handling of substrates- wafer and panels in specific applications according to customer requirements.


Swiss Ranks Adhesive less (Electrostatic) bonding module is an adhesive-free and stand-alone charging station that provides secured and easy handling as well as the processing of thin and ultra-thin epoxy/silicon substrates up to (50 um wafer size) over a number of days or weeks depending on the substrate.


Next Generation laser module that utilizes latest technology Laser  for a faster scribing time with increased precision, and accuracy.