Microwave Curing Solution

Swiss Ranks Microwave Curing Module is a high-performance tool that combines low-temperature curing, uniformed heating and extremely fast curing time to improve throughput and efficiency in the production of semiconductor substrates. Compared to other curing methods, Swiss Ranks Microwave Curing Module is advantageous in numerous ways as it produces the least amount of wafer warpage (<0.5 mm) due to the lower curing temperature, successfully performs uniform heat distribution and rapid speed curing time of only 7 minutes compared to conventional curing time of 2 hours.

  • Low Curing Temperature 30% less than TG
  • Applicable for Underfill, EMC, and Polymer
  • Controlled curing rate

Available in various modules:

  • On-site Customer Process Evaluation Single Chamber – 1 Load Port
  • Low Volume Manufacturing 1 Tool – 3 Chambers – 2 Load Ports
  • High Volume (Throughput) Module Example: 3 Tool – 9 Chambers – 6 Load Ports
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