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Universal Linear Vacuum Transfer Module

Antlia eliminates the use of bulky mainframe. It has a linear transfer mechanism solution that can be used to transfer wafer and frame from a Factory Interface (F.I.) directly to a process chamber under low to high vacuum conditions with an even greater level of precision and a more efficient way of wafer loading and unloading. It can transfer 300 mm wafer, 250 mm tape frame and 450 mm tape frame to a process chamber. This smart invention also allows a four-axis movement mechanism and a flexible and modular design that can be integrated into any process chambers and F.I units.

  • Can work both in a vacuum condition < 50 mtorr / 1×10^-3 torr and atmospheric
  • Integrated LCF system for a précised wafer positioning•
  • Minimal footprint and compact design compared to the industry-standard mainframe transfer robot without compromising the throughput
  • Integrated linear slide cleanroom bellow and air purge system for reduced particle generation
Smaller Footprint
  • 50% smaller footprint compared to conventional transfer modules
  • Able to re-modify new tools with smaller footprint and more efficient ergonomics
  • Applicable with different substrate sizes
  • Longer machine reach, up to 50ft.
  • Aligned with Industry 4.0 standards, applicable to existing chambers and FI.
Improved Performance
  • Drastically reduce the processing time by cutting 12 processes to 10 processes.

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