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Hai-GEIA 1.0

The rising of the recent virus outbreak preliminary caused the backdrop of raging and devastating pandemic in the mid of 2020. While the world is constantly fighting for this sudden outbreak, this effect has caused many corporate sectors to invent new product with new the concepts added to the technologies in order to eradicate these diseases beyond applying primitive applications that there are no longer useful for our people.

Hai-GEIA 1.0 is the product invented by our Swiss Ranks Engineering employees focusing to control the viruses’ outbreak in the airborne or transported by air.  This product significantly proven to be highly effective, safe, and its optimum quality which has been validated by international recognized benchmarks for product certification such as TUV. Additionally, this machine is also CE and UL compliant that indicates with people health conditions, safeties, and environmental protection standards.


  •  Automatic Sanitization that covers the whole body of user in the form of a mist
  • 99% disinfection for 10 seconds (Misting time is adjustable depending on customers preference)
  • Non touch high-end Infrared and real-time display body temperature using thermogram
  • Face recognition system that detects visitors not wearing a facial mask
  • Intelligent height scanning system to detect only user’s head and body, wired to prevent any possible  allergic reactions of the disinfectant spray onto the exposed body parts such as eyes, ears, nose and mouth during the disinfection period.
  • Automated Air-showers directed onto the head and face to avoid direct contact of users with the disinfectant chemical.
  • Visual & Audio Alarm alert in case of high temperature readings
  • Bottom Roller for easy moving of equipment
  • Automatic head air-spray for kids
  • Customizable program
  • Plug and Play
  • Nozzle pressure adjustment
  • Installed Ramps to support wheelchair bound users
  • Compatible with various approved disinfectant chemicals based on government regulations and health organizations.
  • The device has an available provision to choose the mixing ratio of water & disinfectant.
  • Indoor and Outdoor installation compatibility
  • TUV, UL and CE compliant
  • Compatible with Halal Certified Disinfection Solutions

Hai-GEIA 1.0 scans the individual temperature from the forehead through an in-built IR Thermal Scanner (Thermogram). The thermogram scans the body temperature automatically and display the temperature reading on the LCD screen. Upon successful temperature reading, the individual is granted access to pass through the Hai-GEIA 1.0. While standing between the Hai-GEIA gate, extra precautionary measure will be stated in a place to spray the disinfectant from the shoulder to the shoes while air-showers will be directed to the user’s head and face. This to prevent any direct contact with the eyes and mouth of the user as well as to protect them from inhaling the chemicals. This achieved via built-in height measurement sensor which is integrated with a spray system, delivers a good disinfectant in the form of a mist.

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▪ The warranty for the Tool Hardware shall remain valid for three (3) months from the date of Acceptance.
▪ If the Project or Tool is released to production, the Project or Tool will automatically be warranted.

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Hai-GEIA Kiosk-3S PLUS is a touchless and Ai based personnel management kiosk which targets the Safety, Security and Sanitation of the public. It features High precision Temperature scanning, Contactless hand sanitization, security technology, and customized software programming in private sectors as well as Government offices.

HAi-GEIA Chamber 1.0 SE™

Swiss Ranks 1.0 SE is an Intelligent Sanitization Gate designed to disinfect the users’ whole body upon entering in any establishments.


AECR is a 2-in-1 Autonomous Elevator Sanitizing Bot which is equipped with two types of sanitization solutions assured 100% killing viruses and bacterias in the elevator or any enclosed areas.