Engineering Product Services

Custom design, build and upgrade existing equipment to provide customers with the most effective solution.

Swiss Ranks product services range from concept design all the way to final release. We blend creative and innovative thinking with knowledge from science and theory and call this process the ‘Art of Engineering’ from the initial Idea to Finished Product, from concept modelling to executing production.

Swiss Ranks provide end-to-end Engineering Product Services. Our area of expertise includes custom design and build such as conceptualization, feasibility study, prototyping, hardware design, firmware design, system software and application development, system integration, quality assurance, environment testing and certifications.

Low-High Volume Manufacturing

Supports from low-high volume manufacturing set up of your project to ensure faster and cost-effective volume production.

Material Engineering

Identify and analyze materials that enable better performance and sustainable technologies.

Process Improvement

Provide technological upgrades to existing processes to improve productivity, efficiency and throughput.

System Optimization

Provide overall system optimization be it mechanical, electrical or software optimization to improve equipment efficiency.

Inventory Support

Support coverage from introductory to matured tool stage with localized inventory and with close access for customer.

Engineering Design Support

Engineering brainstorming to design and meet customer’s needs of new and existing projects.

Engineering Support

Where customer get the support from our engineers directly on-site and off-site.