Doing something bigger, Together

Why Swiss Ranks is the ideal partner?

Swiss Ranks cultivates good relationships through strategic partnerships to reach a new market and increase customer loyalty.

Expert knowledge in Semiconductor Industry

We are able to deliver our specialized experience on semiconductors, Thin Film Processing Equipment, and Wafer Manufacturing Technologies.

Technological advances in other industries

Swiss Ranks is committed to delivering advanced technology in different sectors such as Automobile, Aerospace, and Renewable Energy.

Growing our Global presence

Swiss Ranks has expanded its footprint in India with two R&D & Design House in Coimbatore and Bangalore for an increase in Technical and Sales Support.

Global Supply Chain Support

Reliable Worldwide Supply Chain System for various Manufacturing and Tooling needs.

Introduction of Ai and Machine Learning Services

Providing Ai, Machine Learning, Software, Data Science Services that can Sense, and Adapt.

EMS Partners

Swiss Ranks has developed a strong relationship between EMS partners globally.

Hassle Free Patent Procedure & Research Publication

Our Intellectual Property Protocol

Swiss Ranks supports the commercialization of Academic Intellectual Property (IP), Industry-Academic Collaborations and the Development and Adoption of Emerging Technologies. ​This includes overseeing the execution of Advanced Technology that will equip companies to compete in a competitive market.​​

Client IP’s
  • ​NDA Project based on terms and legality conditions​
  • Projects are accessible to only respective team members​
  • IP protection policies are implemented to prevent leaks of customer trade secrets​
  • Information exchange is controlled by a dedicated Project Manager​
Swiss Ranks IP’s
  • IP compliance policies and trade secret intervention protocol​
  • Dedicated Compliance Management Team
  • Master IP ownership agreements are reviewed by our Legal Team​
  • Internal IP Portfolio Management​
Supplier IP’s
  • NDA Project based on terms and legality conditions to protect the client and Swiss Ranks​
  • Project codes are implemented for privacy​
  • Information cloud-based system control
  • A dedicated Project Manager controls information exchange​
Some of our Collaborative Researchers
Swiss Ranks is a proud member of

The LUX Photonics Consortium is supported by the National Research Foundation (NRF) Singapore and established in partnership with the Nanyang Technological University (NTU), the National University
of Singapore (NUS), the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) and industry partners.

The consortium seeks to encourage stronger collaborations between institutes of higher learning and the industry, in developing ground breaking applications and to act as a link with the global photonics network.

Emerging Technology Focus
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Data Science
Cyber Security