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Global Provider of Engineered Products & Differentiated Industrial Technologies, Serving Diversified End Markets

About Us

To be the world’s engineering pioneer company by achieving extraordinary results for our customers and deliver differentiated technologies.

To provide engineering solutions at the forefront of technology and boosting creativity to the development of tomorrow.

Attitude, Confidence, Transparency.

Our Company

Swiss Ranks is an engineering solutions company that designs, manufactures, and supplies highly advanced equipment for industries pursuing technological enhancement. Our dedication is transforming ideas range from nano to industrial-scale and enables customer to bridge new opportunities.

Swiss Ranks is passion driven for innovation and continuously strives towards the future of industrial growth.


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Our Facilities

World Class Facilities

Swiss Ranks takes great pride in having world-class facilities across our different branches that enhance and enrich the quality and value of our solutions and services. We have a full set of advanced equipment to assist various type of industries in improving their productivity, improve the quality of products and services, and discover more cutting edge technologies for the benefit of the future. Swiss Ranks has continuously upgraded and extended the capacity of our facilities with our Penang HVM plant soon to rise in the fourth quarter of 2020.

Our Priority:
Customer Orientated

Ever since Swiss Ranks first operated, our main priority has been our customers. YOUR success story is our success. We deliver what we promise, while simultaneously continuing to push our limits to put our customer’s needs ahead and at the same time, we strive to forge successful long-term business understanding and relationships, building trust, and expanding our milestone.

With this trust, our customers have us to fall back on along the journey that we’ve grown in together via business relationships, sharing solution expertise and technologies to reach where we are today.

Our team of highly motivated, trained and committed employees from all across the globe are dedicated to working together towards achieving one GOAL from Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Sri Lanka, India and North America: that we are united with strong passion for delivering results to customer’s satisfaction. We work along Our Motto: “YOUR Success Story Is OUR Success Story.”

We take pride in what we do, and solving some of the challenges faced by our customers gives us the adrenaline to continuously improve and enhance our technology further, alongside paving the path to a revolutionized future.

How we measure our expertise to ensure your success:

Accurate solution, fast onsite dispatch team and flexibility align to your needs.

Specialised expertise, from product design, concept to fast delivery.

Dedicated teams of engineers whom are committed to your success.

Customised design to meet specified need, industrialisation and manufacturing solution.

Quality Assurance
Delivers best quality

Providing excellence quality is an essential part of our technology, we look, target and give precise care and need to every detail. Here at Swiss Ranks what we do; we do best as that is the core foundation to our customers’ trust. The quality we deliver are in compliance to industrial standards and regulations recognised all over the world.

We strive to continuously excel and pushed ourselves ahead of challenges to be the Pioneer in solution technology.

Company Milestones

  • A Design Solutions Provider

    Providing semiconductor/industrial continuous improvement products (CIP) globally

  • Operational Footprint Expansion
    • Partnered with Research Institutions in Japan, Singapore, and Sri Lanka
    • Expanded into Turnkey Solutions provider in Semiconductor modules and CIP solutions
  • Increased Capital Investments

    Investors are attracted to our technological advancement and state of the art product releases for the semiconductor market.

  • Expansion in Malaysia
    • Malaysia office underway
    • New back-end product solutions