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Due to pandemic situations, facilities and organizations currently faced with trying to keep interactions between the clients and employees at a minimum. The use of a face mask and other precautions helps, but modern technology allows some tasks to be performed entirely without human intervention.HAi-GEIA AiBot is a humanoid robot designed and developed by Swiss Ranks for human-robot interaction and autonomous navigation.

HAi-GEIA Kiosk 3S-T™

HAi-GEIA -3ST is a touchless and Ai based management kiosk which focuses on face recognition, thermal verification, employees/visitors monitoring, crowd control technology highly applicable in private sectors as wells as government offices. Kiosk 3S-T has its own versatile application that would surely fits the need of every industry.

HAi-GEIA Chamber 1.0™

HAi-GEIA Chamber 1.0  is a contactless, high-end version of Swiss Ranks Auto Sanitization Gate. It comes with infrared temperature reader/scanner, height sensor for safe dispensing of disinfectant mist from shoulder down to shoe, and a lot more! With its sleek construction and design, HAi-GEIA Chamber 1.0 is highly recommended in private as well as the general public industry.

HAi-GEIA Chamber 1.0 SE™

Swiss Ranks 1.0 SE is an Intelligent Sanitization Gate designed to disinfect the users’ whole body upon entering in any establishments.


Hai-GEIA Kiosk-3S PLUS is a touchless and Ai based personnel management kiosk which targets the Safety, Security and Sanitation of the public. It features High precision Temperature scanning, Contactless hand sanitization, security technology, and customized software programming in private sectors as well as Government offices.


HAi-GEIA AiISD is a 3-in-1 Fomite Disinfection Tunnel-Type architecture. This architecture is commonly seen in transportation areas such as airports/seaports for disinfection of passenger’s baggage before it enters any premises.


HAi-GEIA ARC is an Autonomous Disinfection Bot which is compact, portable and a highly intelligent floor cleaning BOT designed to reduce workforce cost while ensuring the high quality of cleaning and disinfecting on public transportation, particularly buses or trains.


AECR is a 2-in-1 Autonomous Elevator Sanitizing Bot which is equipped with two types of sanitization solutions assured 100% killing viruses and bacterias in the elevator or any enclosed areas.

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