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Delivering Quality Engineering and Manufacturing Expertise from Concept to Production with Continuous Solution Services.

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We Design. We Develop.
We Manufacture.

By understanding many industry challenges, Swiss Ranks has provided full Engineering services and has built various Inventions, Design Concepts, and Processes.

Engineering Design

Engineering brainstorming up to Full Design exceeding customer expectations for New and Existing Projects.

Material Engineering

Identify and analyze materials that enable better performance and sustainable technologies.

Engineering Support

Where customer get the support from our engineers directly on-site and off-site.

High Volume Manufacturing

Provide manufacturing set-up and support from in-house of your project to ensure volume production.

Product Upgrade & Dev

New product development or upgrading existing equipment to provide customers with the most effective solution.

Process Improvement

Provide technological upgrades to existing processes to improve productivity, efficiency and throughput.

Inventory Support

Support coverages during introductory and matured tool stage with localized inventory and customer nearest footprint.

System Optimization

Provide overall system optimization be it mechanical, electrical or software optimization to improve efficiency of equipment.


Practical product solutions.

Swiss Ranks develops new products with customers to provide design engineering solutions across many industries.


Swiss Ranks Void’s free Chamber is a next-generation chamber that provides a smart solution in eliminating voids and gas bubbles during dispensing.


Automated Wafer Bonder/Sorter is a stand-alone bridging platform module designed for use in the semiconductor manufacturing environment.

YS Series™

Swiss Ranks End effectors are designed for the handling of substrates- wafer and panels in specific applications according to customer requirements.

Global Branches

Growing our global presence

In order to assist our customers to realize their maximum value, Swiss Ranks utilizes R&D, technological, and manufacturing capabilities across Asia Pacific regions to provide solutions ahead of the curve.


Singapore (HQ)

Swiss Ranks Ltd.
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India – Bengaluru

Suisse Ranks Private Ltd.
R&D & Design House (Electrical)


India – Tamil Nadu

Suisse Ranks Private Ltd.
R&D & Design House (Mechanical)



Swiss Ranks Sdn. Bhd.
R&D & Design House
High Volume Manufacturing



Swiss Ranks Philippines
R&D & Design House

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Swiss Ranks
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